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Gov. Lamont signs on to regional gasoline tax

Posted on December 23, 2020 by admin


In a recent article published by the Yankee Institute, Governor Lamont expressed his concern about climate change and how he joined a group of Northeastern governors in signing onto a regional cap and invest program called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) to raise the price of gasoline by upwards of 17 cents per gallon. The governor explained that this regional gas tax would be used to pay for efforts aimed at reducing auto emissions. However, simply put, this is just another tax and I remain adamantly opposed to it.

The fact that the governor is even discussing ways to tax the people of this state during a time when they are struggling to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and to maintain a steady income shows how tone-deaf and out-of-touch he is. Someone in tune with the struggles of Connecticut residents, taxpayers, and businesses would not be proposing ways to take money out of their pockets when many have lost jobs, spent their savings, and are living paycheck to paycheck.

Forcing people to pay more at the pump is a regressive tax that would further inhibit hard-working people who are just trying to get by. It’s no secret that individuals and businesses have been fleeing the state for quite some time now in pursuit of greener pastures as a result of oppresive taxes. Government should not be working to make this state any less desirable to live and do business in; if this tax-and-spend behavior continues, there will eventually be no one left to tax.

Instead of a regional gas tax, the governor should be considering ways to bring business into the state to get the economy moving, how to assist businesses that are on the verge of closing their doors, ways to help those working hard to make ends meet, and definitely not ways to create added burdens on the people and businesses that are already overwhelmed with taxes and mandates.