Conservative Caucus Says NO to Governor Lamont’s “Emergency” Powers Being Extended

Posted on July 12, 2021


HARTFORD – The Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) Conservative Caucus today denounced Governor Lamont’s latest attempt to extend his Emergency Authority and urged their colleagues to reject the move, calling it misguided and an abuse of the federal system designed to help states combat the spread of Covid-19.

Governor Lamont recently announced that he intends to continue his takeover of various powers of the legislature through at least September 30, 2021, claiming continued public health and civil preparedness emergencies. This is despite clear signs that Covid-19 is no longer the threat it was more than a year ago when the governor was authorized by the Democrat-led legislature to shut down private businesses and demand that residents wear face masks in public. Since then, the public, and businesses (including the struggling restaurant and bar industry) have shown they are able to operate safely and without increased transmission of the virus.

“For more than a year, Connecticut residents complied with the rules and dutifully stayed home, wore masks and socially distanced, yet now, when more than 60% of the population is vaccinated, businesses are returning to normal and the facts clearly show a substantial reduction in infection, transmission, hospitalization and death, the governor is trying to mislead the public by contending the threat is still so grave he needs to retain near-unilateral control of the state,” Rep. Mark Anderson (R-62) said. “What’s most offensive is that this move appears to be motivated not by facts, but instead as a workaround to federal rules to keep the tap of federal Covid-19 funds in exchange for abrogating our legislative responsibilities.”

This latest proposed extension requires legislative approval, and is expected to be taken up during a special session on July 14, where the Democrat-led majority party is further expected to support and pass the measure. The Conservative Caucus objects to the legislature once again handing over its authority to the governor.

“There is no present emergency giving rise to such an extreme action, and the fact remains that the legislature is able to operate efficiently and properly as shown during the recent regular and special sessions, which makes the governor’s claims, and the Democrat’s planned endorsement of those claims, even more ridiculous,” Rep. Donna Veach (R-30) said. “The voters of our districts did not elect us to abdicate our role as their voice in state matters in exchange for federal money, and we will not sell out their votes, or our state, like that.”

The CGA Conservative Caucus is a group of 17 Connecticut legislators dedicated to the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty. Its members foster open debate about the role of government in society, adherence to the Constitution, and the rule of law. They propose and advocate for legislation that promotes the freedoms, individual rights, and prosperity of all Americans.

The members of the Connecticut General Assembly Conservative Caucus are: Rep. Mike France, Chair (R 42); Rep. Craig Fishbein, Vice Chair (R-90); Rep. Mark Anderson, Secretary (R-62); Rep. David T. Wilson, Treasurer (R-66); Rep. Tim Ackert (R-8); Rep. Anne Dauphinais (R-44); Rep. Doug Dubitsky (R-47); Rep. Kimberly Fiorello (R-149); Rep. John Fusco (R 81); Rep. Cindy Harrison (R-69); Rep. Rick Hayes (R 51); Rep. Brian Lanoue (R-45); Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80); Rep. John Piscopo (R-76); Rep. Joe Polletta (R-68); Rep. Kurt Vail (R-52); and Rep. Donna Veach (R-30).