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Rep. Marra Supports Changes to Strengthen CT Cannabis Law

Posted on May 10, 2023

Measure will increase safety; reduce risk of sales to minors

Joining her colleagues to overwhelmingly support changes to Connecticut’s cannabis law, State Representative Tracy Marra (R-141) yesterday voted in favor adding safety measures around cannabis sales as well as better regulation of the amount of THC in products, and clearly defined guidelines for Hemp producers, among other things.

House Bill 6699 – An Act Concerning Cannabis Regulation – expands the labeling and safety of cannabis for our adult users.  Adding proper dosages, concentrations and directions as well as risks on the containers.  The bill also requires child resistant packaging and a series of warning labels as it pertains to the level of THC in the container.  This will give consumers a clear understanding of their risks with use.  As many people are getting information on the local cannabis establishments website, this bill also requires that the internet sites contain all the appropriate dosage information as well as risks. These sites are also required to list the allergens directions for use and storage as well as all active ingredients.  Along with the many other additions to the statute this also ensures that packaging is clearly labeled as cannabis with a cannabis symbol and makes it prohibitive to use marketing packaging geared to those under the age of 21.

“It is vitally important to strengthen state law regarding adult use cannabis and provide clarity for producers, sellers, and consumers while also increasing security and packaging to deter minors from accessing these products,” Rep. Marra, a trained pharmacist said. “Cannabis users need to have a full understanding of what they are consuming, the concentration, as well as the risks of consumption. Unfortunately, in the rush to pass the initial legalization bill and collect cannabis revenue the state didn’t fully comprehend these serious safety issues.”

Concerned about the societal and health effects of cannabis, earlier this session Rep. Marra proposed two separate pieces of cannabis-related legislation. She proposed House Bill 5460 – An Act Repealing Restrictions of Cannabis-Related Stops or Searches of a Person or Motor Vehicle to “restore the ability of a law enforcement officer to use the odor of cannabis as a basis to support an investigatory stop or search of a person or motor vehicle”, and House Bill 6091 – An Act Requiring Cannabis Cultivators to Periodically Study the Health Effects of Cannabis – to “require cannabis cultivators to periodically study the mental and physical health effects of cannabis.”

House Bill 6699 passed the House by a vote of 148-1 and now moves to the Senate where it awaits action.