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Rep. Marra Supports Amendment to Make Cannabis Use While Driving Illegal

Posted on March 18, 2024

During today’s Transportation Committee meeting, Rep. Tom O’Dea proposed an amendment to a separate piece of legislation that would make it illegal for drivers to use cannabis. Incredibly, Connecticut law enforcement officers are currently prohibited from stopping drivers who they suspect or can even see are using cannabis while behind the wheel!

As drivers, we know that using alcohol creates a potentially dangerous situation and for that reason there are strict limits on impairment. However, for some reason that has never been explained in a way that makes sense to me, drivers can use cannabis freely without fear of being stopped. It defies common sense. Cannabis and alcohol both create impairment, and when used together that impairment can be multiplied.

Rep. O’Dea, myself, and the Republican caucuses have consistently and continually argued for stronger laws surrounding cannabis, especially when related to operating machinery like a motor vehicle on Connecticut roads.

The amendment was voted down along party lines with 14 Republicans in strong support and 19 Democrats against.  Why?