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Meeting with Darien Women-Owned Businesses

Posted on March 28, 2024

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In honor of Women’s History Month, State Rep. Tracy Marra was able to spend time in between legislative session days and committee meetings to tour local women-owned and women-run businesses in Darien.

Darien’s diverse population and business community offers myriad opportunities, especially for women-owned and run businesses like Barrett’s Bookstore, Digital Retail Partners, Dr. Katie, Darien Nature Center, Helen Ainson, Seasalt Darien, The Granola Bar, The Darien Association Thrift Shop, the Darien Diner, and more. Rep. Marra also stopped by Town Hall to thank the tremendous staff for their hard work!

Seasalt Darien

Helen Ainson

During her visits, Rep. Marra was able to meet with the business owners or staff to discuss important issues affecting each individual business, and the things that were mentioned as a concern for all like inflation, finding qualified employees, state regulations and licensing, taxes, and more.
Rep. Marra noted that it is impossible to celebrate Women’s History Month without recognizing the dedication and sacrifice being made by the brave women of our Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

“It’s great to see so many women-owned businesses thriving in Darien, and throughout Fairfield county, but there’s always room for more and I am firmly committed to helping shape legislation in Hartford to bolster their efforts and inspire more women to take charge,” Rep. Marra said. “I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy day to talk and truly provide a first-hand look at the pros and cons of running a successful business in Connecticut.”

The Darien Association Thrift Store

Barrett’s Bookstore

Darien Police Captain Alison Hudyma

Digital Retail Partners

Dr. Katie

The Granola Bar

Darien Nature Center

If you would like to invite Rep. Marra to visit your business, please contact Outreach Coordinator Hannah Vogt via email: Hannah.Vogt@cga.ct.gov or phone: (860) 240 – 8770