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“Fair Share” legislation moves out of Housing Committee

Posted on March 7, 2023

Last week, the legislature’s Housing Committee passed House Bill 6633 – An Act Concerning a Needs Assessment and Fair Share Plans for Municipalities to Increase Affordable Housing out of committee.

If signed into law by the governor, HB 6633 will be used in “determining the need for affordable housing units in each planning region; and fairly allocating need to the municipalities in each planning region considering the duty of the state and municipalities to affirmatively further fair housing” by relying on various data means.

It will also establish a process for municipalities to develop, adopt and submit MFS plans with the new zoning regulations and planning documents or other actions taken by the municipality to achieve its MFS goal. If the goal amount of fair share housing is not built within 10 years the penalty is as-of-right building with 20% affordable, but not more than 20 units per acre, anywhere water and sewer infrastructure is available. In Darien, that would mean more than 1,200 units, and using the median Fairfield County pricing of $450,000 per unit the cost will exceed $570 million.

Please click here to read the full proposal.

I remain concerned that proposals like this will silence voices within our community and local elected officials will not have a say in how we move forward to create affordable housing.

I will continue to monitor this issue, and urge you to reach out to your elected state officials if you have concerns.

The bill has been placed on the session calendar and awaits action before the full legislature.