State Rep. Jesse MacLachlan proudly represents the 35th General Assembly District, which encompasses Clinton, Killingworth, and Westbrook. He serves on the legislature’s committees on Education, Environment, as well as Transportation.

MacLachlan earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2012 from Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. He spent the fall semester of his junior year in China, studying international business with an emphasis on Chinese business, culture, history and language. After college MacLachlan returned to Westbrook to work for his family business, Biblio Tech Inc., which specializes in the preservation and relocation of corporate, academic and institutional libraries. Due to the early experiences pertaining to this family business, MacLachlan is able to recognize the struggles associated with maintaining a successful business in Connecticut.

As a student of Westbrook High School, MacLachlan knew that no matter what road he followed, in the end, it would one day lead him back to the Connecticut River Valley and that’s just how it happened.

For years, MacLachlan has been an avid community service volunteer with various municipal, state and regional groups. At Valley Shore Assembly of God church, he volunteers during Sunday school where he mentors young people within a community of faith.

In November of 2016, the voters of the 35th District chose MacLachlan as their representative voice in Hartford for a second term. MacLachlan understands that Connecticut spends too much, taxes too much and is too expensive to live in. As a young person himself, he understands the inability of young adults to settle in Connecticut and understands the struggles of seniors to afford retirement. The result is a phenomenon of individuals that leave the state in search of opportunity and an affordable place to live. MacLachlan knows first-hand the difficulties faced by many who choose to stay in Connecticut.

With this said, MacLachlan’s primary concern is to help make Connecticut a more affordable place for young workers, families, and retirees. The role of government should be to continue doing what it does well – which is creating a stable environment through public safety, health, and education.