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Rep. MacLachlan Hosts Office Hours in Clinton

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CLINTON – State Rep. Jesse MacLachlan and local residents met at the Henry Carter Hull Library on Monday night to discuss legislation for the upcoming session and its impact on the community.

“I want to thank the residents who came to voice their concerns and listen to my Capitol update,” said Rep. MacLachlan. “We need to stay focused on growing our local economy, improving our transportation system, and providing high-quality education to our students – these are the three things that I continue to hear most from the residents in my communities, and will be my focus this legislative session.”

The discussion included state-mandated regionalization of schools, tolls, and a tax on groceries. Additional topics included funding for the intellectually disabled, the legalization of marijuana, and local town infrastructure projects such as the Clinton train station improvement.

Rep. MacLachlan will be hosting another office hour in Killingworth on Wednesday, February 20th to give an update on the Governor’s budget proposal, delivered earlier the same day.

Petition: Stop Forced School Regionalization

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Rep. MacLachlan Looks to Help Connecticut Farmers

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HARTFORD – State Representative Jesse MacLachlan recently attend the Middlesex Farm Bureau Dinner in Essex.

“The Connecticut Farming industry is one that we must protect and look to grow,” said Rep. MacLachlan, a member of the Environment Committee. “Farming in Connecticut plays an important role in our economy and I look forward to working and learning from Connecticut farmers and how we can help the industry.”

Rep. MacLachlan said he is working to pass legislation to help protect our environment, to grow a strong hemp industry, and to help maple producers.

The Middlesex Farm Bureau is part of the Connecticut Farm Bureau, their mission of the Connecticut Farm Bureau is to elevate the stature of agriculture in our state.


Rep. MacLachlan: The best educational decisions are made by local school boards and not by Hartford politicians

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To the editor,

Last week, a proposal to regionalize school districts based on Probate Districts surfaced. In this proposal Clinton, Killingworth, and Westbrook school districts would merge with Haddam, Chester, Deep River, Essex, Lyme, and Old Saybrook.

The proposal has a number of troubling issues, not least of all being another unfunded mandate for our communities to stomach. Forcing municipalities to consolidate into districts of 40,000 students or more may work for cities but certainly would put a major strain on towns like ours. The State should instead play a supportive role for towns to look at opportunities for shared services as there are plenty to investigate. Let’s have a conversation about making education and town services more affordable and effective but not with top down mandates that dilute local control. The best educational decisions are made by local school boards and not by Hartford politicians. I will be voting emphatically “no” on this bill.

Let me know your thoughts on regionalization and shared services at

State Rep. Jesse MacLachlan

Rep. MacLachlan Talks to Business Owners

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HARTFORD – State Rep. Jesse MacLachlan attended a legislative breakfast with members of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce last week.

Rep. MacLachlan and about another dozen lawmakers talked about the major issues facing Connecticut. Rep. MacLachlan believes transportation and job growth are the two biggest concerns he is hearing from residents and businesses.

“Our state has so much potential for growth and we need to focus on ways to keep businesses and residents here and also attract new ones,” said Rep. MacLachlan. “I think both parties can find common ground on legislation that will make our state more business friendly.”

Rep. MacLachlan said he would like to see the following proposals pass:

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