Rep. Lavielle Testimony in Support of H.B. 7219

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Testimony in Support of House Bill 7219: An Act Concerning Ghost Guns

Judiciary Committee

March 11, 2019

Senator Winfield, Representative Stafstrom, Senator Kissel, Representative Rebimbas, and distinguished members of the Judiciary Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify in favor of HB 7219, An Act Concerning Ghost Guns.

I support this bill for several reasons related to safety and security:

  • Law enforcement personnel in my area have often cited their serious concern that firearms without serial numbers are difficult to trace and impede their efforts to gather information on violentor potentially violent crimes.

  • Certain firearms made of plastic without a sufficient proportion of metal may pass undetected through metal detectors.

  • Firearms fabricated without the scrutiny of factory or manufacturer inspections could potentiallypose a risk to the safety of those using them, or of those around them. The bill might be improved by including language addressing this issue and perhaps requiring a safety inspection at the time of application for a serial number, if this could be done without causing undue intrusion or inconvenience for lawful gun owners.

I thank the Committee for introducing this legislation, which I hope that the membership will consider.