Reps. Lavielle, Wilms, and Wood Acclaim Legislature’s Passage of Bill Authorizing School Building Projects in Norwalk

Posted on May 10, 2018 by rjoslyn


HARTFORD Norwalk’s GOP delegation of State Representatives Gail Lavielle (R-143), Fred Wilms (R-142) and Terrie Wood (R-141) welcomed the passage of a bill to authorize state grant commitments for school building projects.  The bill, SB 184, specifically allocates state funding to reimburse the City of Norwalk for projects included in the Norwalk Board of Education’s School Facilities plan.

The legislation appropriates $14,395,981 for expansions at Ponus Ridge Middle School. It also includes language for an unspecified grant for a new South Norwalk school at the site of the former Nathaniel Ely School site to be authorized when all land acquisitions for the site have been completed.  Additional funding is reserved for various improvements at West Rocks Middle School and Norwalk High School.

Rep. Lavielle, in her capacity as Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Education Committee, is a member of the School Construction Project Priority List Committee and advocated for the inclusion of the Norwalk projects.

“Working in concert with Norwalk’s Board of Education, we were able to demonstrate to our colleagues in the legislature that Norwalk’s aging facilities and growing student population constitute a clear need for making these school projects a priority for the state,” said Rep. Lavielle.  “The BOE’s School Facilities Plan outlines an exciting future for public school in Norwalk by addressing enrollment and enhancing academic options for students.  I am pleased to have played a role in facilitating these school projects and securing funding from the state.”

Rep. Wilms has also collaborated with Norwalk officials to advance the strategic components of the School Facilities Plan at the state level, praising the “forward-looking” approach to education.”

“Working together with both the city and the Board of Education, I am delighted that state funding for these key school construction projects is moving forward,” said Rep. Wilms.

Along with her colleagues in the Norwalk delegation, Rep. Wood has also been a proponent of Norwalk’s receiving its fair share of Education Cost Sharing funding and noted the emphasis the school projects will have on science and technology education.

“These school projects represent such an exciting opportunity for the BOE to improve its school system and make Norwalk a destination for families who want their children to attain a first-class, 21st century education with an emphasis on science, math, and technology,” said Rep. Wood.  “I will continue to push the state to support Norwalk in their educational endeavors and I look forward to seeing the results.”

Having passed both chambers of the General Assembly, the legislation now awaits signature by the governor.