State Representative Lanoue Attends Civics Event at Ledyard High School

Posted on December 15, 2022

On Wednesday, I had an opportunity to visit the Ledyard High School and be a part of their annual Civics In Action event. I met with four separate groups of tenth grade students who had not only questions for me, but a number of issues that they would like to see addressed in the future, and the most effective ways to present them. The topics ranged from affordable healthcare to further legislation aimed at protecting animals. Several students even discussed with me incorporating a weightlifting program at their school which I thought was fantastic idea and I even knew a little about the subject!

All in all this was a great event and I had a blast getting to know the groups that sat with me and listen to their concerns. I would like to thank Seth Galante and the entire staff for putting it all together and opening it up to us!