Remembering September 11th, 2001

Posted on September 14, 2022

Sunday marked the 21st Anniversary of the day that changed America forever, 9-11-01. It started off as a clear Tuesday morning when terror took to the skies and nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives. We will NEVER FORGET our heroes- the first responders running into burning buildings while thousands of others were running out, the passengers of Flight 93 who overtook the terrorists knowing their fate but fought back so thousands more could live and the countless unsung heroes who helped and died for their fellow human beings.

I was honored to take part in Sunday’s Memorial Service at Griswold’s 9-11 Memorial. Thank you to the Jewett City Fire Department for organizing this event, to all our first responders for your selfless sacrifice, to Griswold’s High School Choir – the Amazing Grace rendition was particularly touching. And a very special acknowledgment to the GMS seventh grade class for making this eternal memorial possible in Griswold to ensure We Never Forget!