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Legislative Resources For The 2022 Session At Your Disposal

Posted on March 9, 2022


HARTFORD – Session is in full swing and the following are resources for you to use to track bills and take part in hearings as they come up.

The state comptroller’s office offers a web portal that explains where your tax dollars are directed within the state budget.

The site includes:

OpenBudget: Understand Connecticut’s budget (budgeted v. actual spending)

OpenCheckbook: See every payment made by the state

DIY Revenue Calculator: Calculate the approximate impact tax changes would have on overall state revenue. You can access those features and more at this link: OSC.CT.GOV/OPENCT

You can also visit the website for the General Assembly at CGA.CT.GOV, which offers basic resources to help you understand how to interact with the legislature, from meeting schedules to guides that explain Capitol procedures. Other tools include, bill tracking, state statutes browse and search, access to testimony, transcripts of public hearings and links to livestreams of committee hearings.

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research is the go-to resource for anyone seeking information, as it provides reports, briefs and analysis on a variety of subjects – from voter ID requirements to the consumer disposal of pharmaceuticals. You can dive into this too! Resources include: Annual summaries of laws, Previews of major issues, Legislative library access and Bill tracking reports. Those resources are available at this link: CGA.CT.GOV/OLR