2021 Major Public Acts

Posted on July 9, 2021


The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has compiled its annual report of “Major Public Acts.” This report provides summaries of all the new laws that will result in significant policy changes. These changes could impact you, your family, business, or our community. I encourage you to review the document in its entirety.

Click here  to view the report.

OLR’s report is broken down into several categories. Below are some excerpts from the report:

Property Tax Relief

  • A new law expands eligibility for the local option Elderly Tax Freeze Program by decreasing the program’s minimum age requirement from 70 to 65 years.

New Restrictions on Electric Suppliers

  • For residential customers, the new law prohibits termination fees and early cancellation fees and deems any electric supplier contract null and void if it contains variable rates.


  • During the July 2020 Special Session, the legislature enacted PA 20-2, which temporarily codified several provisions of the governor’s orders until March 15, 2021. A new law extends these telehealth provisions until June 30, 2023.