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Legislative Leaders ask Regulatory Authority to Suspend Electricity Rate Hikes

Posted on July 29, 2020


Many constituents have reached out to me regarding a stark increase in their electric bills. The July billing cycle reflected recently enacted rate increases that were approved by PURA, the state’s regulatory authority on energy delivery, at the end of June. These rate hikes are unreasonable, especially in light of the pandemic forcing many people to spend greater amounts of time indoors and in turn using more electricity.

In response to the sudden rate hikes, House Republican leaders joined their Democratic colleagues and sent a letter to PURA asking that the rate hikes be suspended. Click here to review the letter. Additionally, lawmakers are calling for a public hearing to determine how such drastic rate hikes were approved.

PURA has issued a press release indicating that a review and ruling of the rate hikes will be conducted quickly. Customers may also contact PURA’s consumer services representatives with any inquiries or complaints related to this matter, which will be accounted for as part of the open investigation.