Rep. Labriola and Sen. Berthel Tour Oxford Businesses

Posted on October 9, 2018 by admin


During a recent tour of Oxford businesses, State Representative David K. Labriola and State Senator Eric Berthel toured several local companies, including A1 Pools, the Oxford Baking Co., Oxford Pharmacy and Rose’s Family Restaurant.

The veteran legislators spent time talking with both employees and customers at each stop where they discussed local and state issues and their effect upon small businesses and residents in the state.

Sen. Eric Berthel (left), Josh Miller of A1 Pools (center), and Rep. David Labriola (right). Berthel and Labriola stopped by A1 pools on a tour of businesses in Oxford on Thursday October 4th.

Sen. Eric Berthel (far right) and Rep. David Labriola (center right) speak with Norm and Donna Cloutier at Oxford Baking Co. The legislators visited the Oxford Baking Co. as part of their business tour of Oxford.

Sen. Eric Berthel (left) and Rep. David Labriola (right) with Frank Diaserio at Oxford Pharmacy. The stop was part of the legislators’ tour of Oxford businesses.

Sen. Eric Berthel (left) and Representative David Labriola (right) with Agim Mamudov at Rose’s Family Restaurant in Oxford.