Rep. Kupchick Hails New Bus Shelter

Posted on August 26, 2019 by jdooley


FAIRFIELD- State Rep. Brenda Kupchick (R-132) along with local Fairfield officials and the Greater Bridgeport Transit (GBT) unveiled a new bus shelter Westbound Kings Hwy. Cut-off at 1296 Kings Hwy. Cut-off in Fairfield.

The new bus shelter is in front of the public storage facility located at 1296 King’s Highway Cutoff, next to the Stop & Shop.

Rep. Brenda Kupchick, a member of the legislature’s Transportation Committee, said, “It’s so incredibly gratifying on helping to bring more bus shelters to Fairfield. I want to thank the Greater Bridgeport Transit’s Doug Holcomb and Steven DeMichele and RTM member Michael Mears for listening to my repeated calls and emails asking for additional bus shelters because no one who chooses to ride public transportation should be forced to wait for the bus in the pouring rain or snow.”

Mr. Michael Mears, the Chairman of the Board of Directors GBT said, “The GBT bus service is a vital economic driver for the town of Fairfield. Many of the employees of local business utilize the service to get to and from their jobs in Fairfield.  Brenda approached me over a year ago with the suggestion of placing bus shelters in strategic locations in Fairfield after she had noticed people waiting for their bus were exposed to inclement weather during their daily commutes to and from work in town.  Through Brenda’s commitment to make Fairfield a welcoming place for business as well as for her concern for the well-being of the people who commute to town every day, she has been an energetic voice, raising this issue to the GBT Board of Directors. We appreciate her commitment and energy to help make this project move forward. I wanted to thank GBT management and Brenda for the successful completion of this project and for the many more shelters that will be built in town.”

Greater Bridgeport Transit, CEO Doug Holcomb said, “These types of transit amenities are important to our riders. This is one of twenty-six new shelters we have been able to install throughout the region and we plan to continue to install new amenities in the future. GBT is grateful to our member cities and towns and to Representative Kupchick for her support.”

Rep. Kupchick also announced that another bus shelter will be coming this fall on Black Rock Turnpike by the Shop Rite and a replacement bus shelter will be installed in Southport.

Since 2014, GBT has installed twenty-six new, ADA accessible bus shelters.

According to GBT, the property owner of the public storage facility was very receptive to the placement of a bus shelter on their property.