Kupchick: School Security Proposals Unveiled

Posted on February 28, 2019 by jdooley


HARTFORD –State Rep. Brenda Kupchick (R-132) along with her fellow members of the School Security Working Group announced their legislative agenda at a press conference at the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, February 27th.

The legislators came together to study school safety and security following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School.

The legislative agenda includes 18 proposed bills to address a wide range of issues from school safety plans to mental health awareness. Most of the bills have been referred to the Public Safety and Security Committee and Education Committee for public hearings and drafting.

“Serving in the legislature during the tragedy at Sandy Hook was a profound experience that lead to passing legislation on gun violence, mental health and school security. This is a continuance of that work. We must do everything we can to protect our school children. These proposals look to address major gaps in school security in Connecticut,” said Rep. Kupchick.

The legislation unveiled included:

• HB 6208: AAC the Implementation of School Security and Safety Plans
To require boards of education to implement the school security and safety plans for each school under the jurisdiction of such boards.

• HB 6211: AA Authorizing the use of School Security Infrastructure Grant Funds for the Employment of Armed Security Guards
To allow school districts to use school security infrastructure competitive grant program funds to employ armed school security officers.

• HB 6212: AAC the Inclusion of School Emergency Situation and Crisis Response Drills in Students’ Individualized Education Programs
To include school emergency situations and crisis response drills in a student’s IEP in order to accommodate such student’s needs during emergencies.

• HB 6225: AAC the Membership of the School Safety Infrastructure Council
To include a licensed architect to the membership of the School Safety Infrastructure Council.

• HB 6226: AAC the Development of a State-Wide Plan for Responding to Large Scale School Crisis Events
To require the Department of Education to develop a state-wide plan for responding to large scale school crisis events.

• HB 6227: AA Establishing a Task Force to Study Issues Relating to School Security Officers
To establish a task force to study issues relating to school security officers.

• HB 6229: AAC the Inclusion of Mental Health Awareness in the Public School Curriculum
To require the public school health curriculum to include mental health awareness.

• HB 6230: AAC the Adoption of a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Connecticut Schools
To include social-emotional learning within Connecticut schools.

• HB 6231: AAC the Establishment of a Committee to Ensure Implementation of the Safe School Design and Operation Standards
To establish a committee to ensure the implementation of the safe school design and operations standards.

• HB 6232: AA Requiring Public Schools be Equipped with Classroom Doors the Lock from the Inside
To require all public school classrooms to be equipped with doors that are able to be locked from inside the classroom.

• HB 6382: AA Requiring Reevaluation of School Security and Safety Plan Standards
To require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to reevaluate school security and safety plan standards every three years and make such standards available to all schools.

• HB 6383: AAC the Registry of School Security Consultants
To require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to develop criteria for vetting and approving school security consultants before placing such consultants on the registry.

• HB 6574: AA Allowing Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers to Carry Firearms on School Grounds
To allow off-duty law enforcement officers to carry firearms on school grounds.

• HB 6575: AAC Active Shooter Response Plans
To require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to assist municipalities in developing active shooter response plans and to review each municipality’s plan.

• HB 6768: AAC School Security and Safety Plans of Local and Regional Boards of Education
To require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to reexamine and streamline the school security and safety plan documentation required of local and regional boards of education.

• HB 6815: AAC Regional School Safety Planners
To establish positions for regional school safety planners in the state.

• HB 6958: AAC Regional Exercises on Emergency Response
To require a joint regional exercise on responding to major emergencies at least once every two years.

• HB 6070: AAC Timing of Certain Primaries for Nominees for Municipal Offices
To move earlier by two weeks the day of any municipal primary held in September so as to not hold such primary while school is in session.