Rep. Kupchick: The 2019 Legislative Session Begins

Posted on January 9, 2019 by jdooley


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the winter holiday season in New England specifically in Fairfield, which is beautiful this time of year.

The 2019 legislative session is fast approaching. I will be taking the oath of office for another two-year term on January 9th in what I believe will be a tipping point for Connecticut. We need to build on the bi-partisan budget reforms passed the last two years and not move back to previous bad budget practices.


The Connecticut General Assembly will convene the “long session” on January 9th.  The “long session” goes from the first week in January through the first week in June, this year June 5th.

During the regular session (January to June) the primary focus of this session is the state’s two-year budget, which affects every resident in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, the state is already receiving bad financial news regarding next year’s budget with deficits approaching $4 billion over the next two years.

Additionally legislators are able to propose specific bills.  Since 2011, I’ve proposed bills that I believe would be helpful to the residents of Fairfield and the state. Many of the bills I’ve introduced come from constituents who contact me with an idea either during town hall meetings or from local business owners who attend my business council.

January 18th is the legislative bill deadline for legislators to submit bill proposals. If you have a specific idea, question or concern about a state law or problem that would be eased by legislative action, please contact me.


I also want remind you that as your state representative, I am here as a resource. I’m here to help if you’re having a problem with a state agency or need help cutting through the red tape or simply have a question about a law or process. My hope for us is to continue working together so that state government can better serve you, your family or business.

On the left hand side of this email, there are a series of links to state agencies that may be of interest to you.

I’ve included the following links with useful information and resources that can help you draft your proposals and better understand the legislative process in Connecticut:

You can also find information about what I’m working on through my website at

I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve in our state’s legislature representing my hometown.

I hope you’ll contact my office with any questions or concerns that you have about legislation or state government, including visiting the state capitol or acquiring an official citation, proclamation or state flag to commemorate a significant achievement or life event.

You can reach me at 1-800-842-1423 or by e-mail at


State Rep. Brenda Kupchick

Proudly serving Southport & Fairfield