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Republican Lawmakers Present Alternative to Tolls

Posted on April 24, 2019 by admin


State Representatives Noreen Kokoruda and Jesse MacLachlan hosted a “Tolls Informational Forum” on Tuesday night at Madison Town Hall.

The forum, which was presented by House and Senate Republican ranking members of the Transportation Committee, State Rep. Laura Devlin and Senator Henri Martin, was the 18th forum held since the start of the legislative session.

Panelists and hosts presented the history of the Special Transportation Fun, recent results of toll studies and plans, as well as the GOP alternative to tolling called “Prioritize Progress,” which secures $65 billion dollars for transportation projects over the next 30 years without relying on tolls or tax increases. The plan re-prioritizes funding from pet projects and other quasi-wants to fund infrastructure improvements. Lawmakers noted that the plan operates within Connecticut’s new bond cap, borrowing no more than allowed under the cap. Last year, the bipartisan budget lawmakers placed a cap on state bonding.

The full plan can be viewed at

There were about 90 individuals in attendance, the majority of which expressed opposition to tolls.

“No one disagrees with the premise that our roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure need to be properly maintained. The issues here are with determining how to best fund transportation needs without relying on the taxpayers to foot the bill more than they already are. Too many people think that tolls are the only answer to the state’s fiscal crisis, but that is not true. Prioritize Progress would allow our state to start investing in transportation today without adding another tax,” said Rep. Kokoruda. “Thank you to everyone who attended our informational forum on tolls to learn more about alternatives to taking care of our transportation needs without asking for any more from taxpayers. Input from the public on this issue is what matters most; keep making your voice heard.”

“We continue to see home values and jobs decline in Connecticut and the solution from the majority party is to place dozens of tolls throughout the state,” said Rep. MacLachlan. “Residents and businesses can’t afford to pay more and they shouldn’t have to. Our alternative to tolls is a legitimate proposal that will not penalize taxpayers.”