Rep. Kokoruda Expresses Opposition to Tolling for Legislative Reconsideration of Toll Proposals

Posted on May 4, 2018 by admin


State Representative Noreen Kokoruda expressed her optimism to Connecticut commuters and taxpayers after the Speaker of the House announced this week he is unlikely to bring a proposal related to the installation of electronic tolls up for a vote in the House of Representatives this year.

Crediting “significant pressure from toll opponents,” the representatives noted that majority leadership does not believe there are sufficient votes to pass the tolls legislation.  However, they warned that until legislation related to tolls actually receives an up-or-down vote in the House, tolls could still be a part of the final budget package for the state.

As an alternative to funding Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund without the need for tolls, Rep. Kokoruda joined her caucus in offering their own plan for a long-term solution to advance transportation in Connecticut as a component of their budget adjustments proposal.  “Prioritize Progress” creates a predictable and sustainable funding stream to ensure that transportation will be prioritized for the next three decades, largely by reserving existing General Obligation Bonds exclusively for transportation projects and establishing a board to assess proposed projects and identify urgencies.

“Tolls are not a viable option for fixing Connecticut’s fiscal crisis,” said Rep. Kokoruda.  “Instead of trying to think of more ways to make it more expensive to live in Connecticut, we can prioritize transportation funding in the budget. We must focus on fiscal stability and not placing more of a burden on our Connecticut taxpayers. I support the Transportation plan put forth by House and Senate Republicans, which does NOT raise any taxes or require tolls.”

“We have an obligation to the state and the taxpayers of this state, and I hope that before the session ends, we can provide some solutions for the state of Connecticut and for our constituencies,” added Rep. Kokoruda.

The 2018 legislative session concludes on May 9.