Statement from House Republican Leader Klarides on Gov. Malloy Signing the Budget

Posted on October 31, 2017 by admin


HARTFORD – House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said towns and cities will get relief from having a budget in place after Gov. Malloy signed it today, but his line item rejection of the state hospital tax will put the plan out of balance and require further legislative action.

“The good news is that our towns and cities will finally have relief in the way of state aid and our much needed social services programs will continue,’’ Klarides said. ”The bad news is the budget is not balanced without the hospital reimbursement deal because of the Governor’s line item veto, and the House and Senate will have to address that in a legislative session.’’

Klarides said the initial Republican budget passed in mid-September with Democrat votes and vetoed by Gov. Malloy was a better plan for Connecticut because it did not raise taxes and provided much needed relief to municipalities. The compromise budget reached with Democrats last week is preferable to the highly destructive executive orders that the Governor issued that would have eliminated aid to many towns and cities and gutted the social services networks.

Republicans have consulted with the Connecticut Hospital Association on how best to devise a plan that will succeed in obtaining federal reimbursement for the taxes hospitals will pay to Connecticut that balances the budget.

“We believe that there is a way to satisfy federal law and access the pool of money to reimburse the hospitals that have suffered under this administration’s punitive policies. They can be addressed in a legislative session,’’ Klarides said.