Klarides Calls for Swift Action to Restore Malloy Cuts

Posted on November 20, 2017 by admin


HARTFORD – The legislature should re-convene in a special session to restore millions in aid to towns that Gov. Malloy punitively cut last week, House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said today.

She said that the legislature may also have to deal with a growing deficit before the next regular session, the byproduct of years of Democratic controlled state government and two failed SEBAC union agreements, passed without any Republican votes.

“The Governor’s cuts last week were clearly intended to punish towns and cities,’’ Klarides said. In addition to the municipal cuts, Klarides also vowed to fight to restore money for the state’s fire training schools, something that has been a priority for years.

Klarides has talked to both Republican and Democrat leaders to focus on yet another special session that could take place in the coming weeks.

Klarides said that in the adopted budget, all four caucuses agreed on a “Targeted Savings Lapse” of $112 million in FY 18 and $151 million in FY 19. Not only did we agree on the overall amount of this lapse, she added, but both Republicans and Democrats agreed on how the lapse would be achieved, including the following:

Anticipated Savings due to Teachers’ Retirement Updated Valuation and Contribution  (18,000,000)               (38,000,000)
Consolidate Human Resource Functions into DAS  (1,314,090)                 (2,628,179)
Other Expenses Account Lapse  (52,250,000)               (52,250,000)
Managerial & Consultants Lapse  (12,250,000)               (30,000,000)
Purchasing Process Improvements  (3,000,000)                 (3,000,000)
Overtime Lapse  (25,000,000)               (25,000,000)

“This detailed information was forwarded to the Office of Policy and Management by the Office of Fiscal Analysis when the budget was adopted. Governor Malloy clearly knew exactly how we intended to achieve the Targeted Savings Lapse,’’ Klarides said. “Instead, his recent action shifts more pain onto municipalities and is a blatant disregard for the will of the legislative leaders and the overwhelming majority of legislators who voted for the budget.’’

She added, “We adjourned sine die last Wednesday clearly understanding that our work had been completed for the year. Two days later, the Governor undid a lot of that collaborative effort among Republicans and Democrats. It’s a shame but we need to go back to work.’’