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House Republican Leader Themis Klarides’ Statement on ‘Top Secret’ Pro Tolls Meeting

Posted on January 5, 2020 by admin


Latest Rollout of Democrat Toll Plan, Another Mess

According to leaked emails, Democrat lawmakers and Gov. Lamont were planning to meet Tuesday night in Westport to spur support for their most recent unpopular toll plan, just the latest misguided attempt to fool weary lawmakers, media, and the public that there is support for tolls, House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said Sunday.

“This desperate and dishonest attempt to sway public opinion to support tolls all over Connecticut won’t work and shows how out of touch many Democrat lawmakers and the governor really are. Governor Lamont and Legislative Democrats lost trust on this issue in 2019 and apparently have decided that rather than working to rebuild trust, prefer to stage smoke and mirror public events that only their supporters are secretly invited to,’’ Klarides said. “They tried to keep this meeting at Bedford Middle School in Westport a secret from the majority of residents who oppose tolls in order to stack the room. What a joke.’’

Connecticut residents have no confidence in whatever toll “plan’’ the Democrats are currently trying to sell because there is no trust that these tolls will not eventually be expanded to include everything that moves in Connecticut. This secret meeting will enforce that thought with many who may be on the fence.  Lamont campaigned on a promise to toll only trucks in Connecticut when he ran for office in 2018. He quickly broke that promise one month into office when he picked the middle of the long President’s Day weekend to propose tolling all vehicles all over the state.

That never got anywhere with the public and Republicans remained unanimously against tolls.

“Now, a week into the new year the Democrats are trying to claim they are being heroic by risking their political careers to push tolls on taxpayers and motorists who have said repeatedly they don’t want them,’’ Klarides said.

“If Governor Lamont and Democrat leaders want to start rebuilding trust with the residents of Connecticut, they would schedule the public forums promised on tolls and then attempt to use the normal legislative process to get their heroic tolls plan passed by members who can then defend their vote at the ballot box in ten short months,” Klarides concluded.