House Republican Leader Themis Klarides Co-Chaired the 6th Annual Women-Owned Business Day at the State Capitol

Posted on May 3, 2019 by jencusato






House Republican Leader Themis Klarides co-chaired the 6th Annual Women-Owned Business Day at the State Capitol this week.  The event is organized by the Women’s Business Development Council, the largest not-for-profit organization in Connecticut dedicated to women’s economic equity.

Representative Klarides addressed the audience reflecting on the impact that women in government have made on communities throughout Connecticut and at the State Capitol. Noting that the empowerment of women and women-owned businesses drives Connecticut’s economy, this is positive direction that must be fostered with pro-business legislation. Drawing from her own life experience Klarides expressed gratitude for those who have encourage, supported, and empowered her throughout her life, namely her mother and father.  Klarides reflected on her parents’ life work as immigrants from Greece coming to America and beginning a small grocery store with relatives that grew into a multigenerational and multi-location product of the American dream.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is the back bone of America.   The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) fosters the success, growth, and sustainability of businesses small and large.  Women Owned Business Day here at the Capitol is a particularly important event highlighting the importance of our female job creators here in Connecticut.  WBDC aides in the process of financing and growing a business, strengthening personal finances, and provides business coaching to ensure future success for these dynamic business owners.  Our state is ripe with opportunity for any entrepreneur with the vision, determination, and grit to find success starting a business venture and working in tandem with WBDC.   I am honored to once again co-chair today’s event and congratulations to these business leaders for bolding embracing their entrepreneurial spirit and making their mark in Connecticut’s business industries,” said Rep. Klarides.

WBDC’s largest advocacy event is expected to gather together more than 200 women business owners throughout Connecticut to network with key national and state leaders to discuss the future of small business in our state. “It’s so important to be engaged citizens,” said WBDC Founder and CEO Fran Pastore. “There’s a lot at stake right now for women in the state of Connecticut. Women-Owned Business Day is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Connecticut to have their voices heard.