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House Republican Leader Klarides’ Statement on Gov. Lamont’s Plan to Hire Consultant to Find Budget Savings

Posted on September 25, 2020 by admin


“The Republican-driven 2017 bipartisan budget plan that broke the seven-month budget impasse and overcame a Malloy veto included $500 million in anticipated savings. They were never achieved following the 2018 elections that returned Democrats to sole majority party rule in Hartford.

“Anytime we can achieve savings, when it comes to spending taxpayers’ dollars, it is a good thing. But it should be noted Gov. Lamont intends to hire an out-of-state consultant to find budget savings that his administration could not.

“The timing of this announcement is curious: It comes a little more than one month before the election on Nov. 3. What do you think Democrats will propose on taxes and spending if they continue to control all the levers of state government?”