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Posted on June 4, 2019 by jencusato


June 3, 2019

HARTFORD – House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (Derby) issues a statement regarding the biennium State Budget issued Sunday evening, June 2, 2019.  The 567 page Democrat state budget bill was made public on Sunday evening, June 2nd and expected to be vetted and voted on the following day.

“This budget displays the continued disregard for any feedback the taxpayers and businesses of this state provide to this administration,” said Rep. Klarides.  “Over the next two years this administration will proceed by ignoring the 2018 Constitutional Amendment of the Lock Box by continuing in the majority party fashion of raiding the Special Transportation Fund by almost $200 million – and yet the Governor and Hartford Democrats claim that transportation is a priority and we should “trust them.”

Rep. Klarides continued by saying, ‘The anti-business taxes continue with $50 million in added fees to businesses, another $50 million in income tax from businesses, a new tax on prepared food, beverage, wine and liquor that will go straight to the State Government and not your local town – it is no wonder that businesses and taxpayers are concerned for their future here in Connecticut. Shame on any Democrat who votes for this budget and tries to peddle the idea that they are ‘pro-business, pro-taxpayer or pro-Connecticut.”

“How can we expect to see growth in our tax base and growth in our businesses with a budget such as this?  This budget puts more undue pressure on the working class of Connecticut and more costs, fees, and taxes thrown on to our businesses.  This budget continues to place teacher pension burdens on future generations, makes Connecticut less competitive in comparison to the states around us in almost every way and continues to short the Special Transportation Fund,” said Rep. Klarides