Rep. Kennedy Nov. 9 Editorial: “Staying Safe this Holiday Season”

Posted on November 9, 2023


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Since the beginning of October, the Milford Patch has reported over twenty stories concerning local crime and incidents of theft, many of which involve juveniles. Although the governor’s office reported a 6% decline in various crimes on average in 2022, I am still convinced that crime is one of the most pressing issues in our community.

For example, in the governor’s 2022 report, it’s critical to acknowledge that 8.1% of property crimes (7,209 instances) were vehicle thefts, while 10.7% of these property crimes were committed by juveniles. After a $19 million estimated property loss across the state, it’s time for Connecticut to have a serious conversation on combating crime.

The Problem: we have less police and there is a lack of accountability for criminals. Currently, our state only has 800 state troopers, and even with the 376 new troopers on the force, our state police presence is still at a record low. Moreover, between the negative effects of the Police Accountability bill and increased pardons and paroles, the rate of recidivism has gone up, leading to patterns of crime with repeat offenders.

The Solution: First, let’s roll back limitations from the Police Accountability bill so that law enforcement can fulfill their protective duties without unnecessary regulations. Second, we need to exercise common sense when administering pardons and paroles to defend against repeat offenders. Finally, I highly recommend showing support for our local law enforcement this holiday season and always, as they dedicate their lives to making our communities safer.

Helpful Tips: During the holidays, shopping for food and gifts can be fun, but only by keeping yourself safe. Police recommend securing personal items and goods in locked places, especially remembering to lock vehicles immediately upon entering and exiting them. It is also encouraged to shop in groups and contact local police to report any suspicious activity in stores and malls.

The holidays should be a time for us to celebrate safely and worry-free. Please be sure to be aware of your surroundings in local stores at the Milford Mall and along the Boston Post Road during this holiday season. It is important to contact your local and state legislators on how rising crime has affected you so that we can make a positive bipartisan difference in Hartford. With your support for our police and for legislation that protects our communities, we can begin confidently celebrating the holiday season once again.

As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me about this, or any other state issue with your questions, ideas, and concerns at or at 860-240-8700. I wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!