Kennedy Votes ‘No’ on EV Mandate – HB 5485

Posted on March 21, 2024


(HARTFORD) — On Wednesday, State Representative Kathy Kennedy (R-119), Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee, voiced her concern over House Bill 5485, “An Act Concerning Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles”. The bill, which seeks to establish an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Coordinating Council to eventually phase-out the sale and use of gas-powered vehicles, was moved out of the Transportation Committee on a party-line vote, despite public backlash.

In her speech, Kennedy highlights key issues that led to her voting against the bill in it’s current form. First, this bill would allow the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to not only compose a new “roadmap” for phasing-in electric vehicles, but also have the authority to approve her own proposed “roadmap” as chair of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Coordinating Council.

Additionally, Kennedy stressed environmental concerns with the increased amount of water needed to extinguish EV fires and how it pollutes sewer runoff into Long Island Sound. Kennedy believes the proposed council should include fire experts to help study the effectiveness of EVs. Finally, Kennedy reminded her colleagues how this bill, in it’s original form, sought to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles and mandate the use of EVs on our roads.

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