Kennedy Tours & Speaks with Foundation School Students

Posted on April 9, 2019 by jdooley

MILFORD- State Rep. Kathy Kennedy (R-119) took the opportunity to tour the Foundation School in Milford Tuesday morning.

“I enjoyed spending some time with the kids today. They were welcoming, hardworking and very engaged in our conversation,” said Rep. Kennedy. “The school appears to do a great job preparing them for continuing education or the workforce.”

The Foundation School opened in 1966 in an effort to provide an education to children with special needs. The school’s model is to use a team approach to best focus on the individual requirements of each student.

The Foundation School emphasizes the development of language skills and maintains an average teacher to pupil ratio of 1:2. Their goal is to help students develop the competencies they need to maximize their potential succeed in our program or return to their local school.

The Foundation School has both an Orange and a Milford Campus.