Kennedy, Klarides and Ferraro Disappointed By Lamont Tax Plan

Posted on February 25, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD- House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-114) along State Reps. Charles Ferraro (R-117) and Kathy Kennedy (R-119) today were disappointed with Governor Lamont’s budget proposal which is a direct attack on middle class families with massive tax hikes on Milford and Orange families.

The governor’s budget proposes to raise taxes by $1.28 billion in the first year and $1.76 billion in the second year of the two-year budget cycle and also moves to shift 25% of the teachers’ pension cost on to municipalities.

“On top of all these new taxes on families, the governor wants to add tolls to every major Connecticut highway to raise $800 million in revenue to the state. That is money is coming out of the wallets and checkbooks of my constituents,” said Rep. Kennedy. Our towns have local budgets that are already stretched the max and local taxpayers will suffer under this budget proposal.”  

 “Governor Lamont’s budget fell short of my expectations.  Unfortunately, his budget did not reflect a pragmatic approach to governing, something I was hoping for with this new administration. This budget works against the Connecticut middle class taxpayer, the very people we need to keep here and help flourish. I take solace in knowing that this governor keeps not only an open door, but an open mind and will welcome further discussion on many of these budgetary items,” said Rep. Klarides.

“Going into this session, I was optimistic that the governor would do things differently, but this budget is just more of the same,” said Rep. Ferraro. “It includes tolls on cars and trucks and new taxes on everyday items we use. I look forward to getting to work to offer a budget that doesn’t do these things and provides middle class tax relief not more taxes on the middle class.”

According to the lawmakers the governor’s first proposed budget seems to tax everything that isn’t already taxed.

Governor Lamont will now charge a 1.5-cent tax for each fluid ounce of sodas, sports drinks and other sugary drinks and also tax bike helmets, car seats, text books and vegetable seeds.

Additional items that will be subject to sales tax:

  • Professional services: legal, accounting, interior design, and real estate.
  • Personal services: dry-cleaning, barber shops, beauty shops, veterinary services, parking, sports and recreation instruction.
  • Other services and goods: property repairs and renovations, winter boat storage, non-prescription drugs, vehicle trade-ins, newspapers and certain magazines.

The Internet link to Governor Lamont’s budget: