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Rep. Kathy Kennedy Joins Fire/EMS Caucus

Posted on January 17, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD – State Representative Kathy Kennedy (R-119) attended and will be a member of the bi-partisan Fire & EMS Caucus meeting in at the State Capitol on January 15th.

The bipartisan caucus was created in 2017 to bridge the gap between the General Assembly and the state’s first responders with the intent of providing our firefighters and EMS workers with the support they need. The members believe that fire services are a top priority for municipal governments, and the state, and want to ensure that there continues to be an open dialogue between those who serve in these capacities and the governing body of the state. Several members have a background in fire service with many currently serving with their local volunteer fire companies.

Rep. Kennedy, who was the first civilian female Fire Marshal in the State of Connecticut, said, “Our Fire and EMS workers and first responders provide an incredible and brave service. Anything we, as legislators, can do to support better equipment, or improve training or work conditions is crucial to them doing their dangerous job.”

Orange Lawmakers Discuss Major Issues Impacting State

Posted on January 16, 2019 by jdooley

ORANGE – State Representatives Themis Klarides, Charles Ferraro, and Kathy Kennedy hosted a legislative office hour on Monday night at the Case Memorial Library where they talked about the 2019 session, listened to residents and took dozens of questions about issues impacting the state.

The lawmakers talked briefly about the current legislative session that started on January 9th and gave residents a handout of the most recent major issues report that is produced by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research – residents can find the report by visiting

A majority of the conversation centered around three major topics the state budget, tolls, and the legalization of marijuana. In addition, residents expressed their concerns about the cost of electricity.

“Hosting office hours to hear from constituents is one of the best ways for us to connect with residents and to learn more about issues impacting our districts,” said Rep. Klarides. “I will continue to host frequent office hours throughout the session to give residents the opportunity to come to talk to me directly. But, if you can’t make one of my office hours please contact me  at”

“It was great to see so many people come out to speak to us about the issues impacting the state,” said Rep. Ferraro. “I continue to hear from residents and small business owners that this state is unaffordable and I completely agree. We should be talking about reducing taxes and not about placing tolls throughout the state.”

Rep. Kathy Kennedy said, “I want to thank everyone who came out to our office hours.  I enjoyed the candid and informative conversation we had on the major issues to be debated this session. From bans on plastic bags and straws, to the legalization of marijuana, to the concerns of small business owners, and the pitfalls of bringing tolls back to our state, it was obvious to me our constituents are very in-tune with what is going on in Connecticut and how they want to see real meaningful change.”

Residents can contact the representatives by calling 860-240-8700 or by visiting their websites –, Rep., or Rep.



Rep. Kathy Kennedy Takes the Oath of Office

Posted on January 10, 2019 by jdooley

State Representative Kathy Kennedy took the oath of office on Wednesday January 9th, commencing the 2019 legislative session.

 The General Assembly will be entering a “long session”, which will run from January 9th to June 5th. During the long session, the lawmakers are able to propose legislation and will be tasked with framing a two-year state budget.

 “The fiscal challenges Connecticut faces are immense but it is a very achievable task. Today brings much hope,” said Rep.  Kathy Kennedy. “The Connecticut economy is confronting a multi-billion state budget deficit that needs to be solved and we also need to find concrete ways to attract people young and old to come here, live here, raise a family here and retire here.”

 During the 2019 Legislative Session, residents can expect lawmakers to debate hot button issues such as tolls, sports betting, and the legalization of marijuana. 

Residents can stay in the know this session by visiting the legislators’ websites for frequent updates –


Milford Legislators to have Office Hours with Constituents

Posted on January 10, 2019 by jdooley

MILFORD- State Reps. Kathy Kennedy (R-119) and Charles Ferraro (R-117) will be holding a two legislative office hours in Milford  for constituents over the next month.

  • Coffee Hour:

Wednesday, January 23rd, 8-9am at Athenian Diner at 1064 Boston Post Rd.

  • Office Hour:

Wednesday, February 13th, 6:30-7:30pm at the Milford Public Library Program Room on 57 New Haven Ave.

The legislators want to hear from their constituents and encourage them to talk about any issues, questions or concerns related to state government. Residents are encouraged to bring their ideas forward for possible consideration.

The 2019 Legislative Session began on January 9th.

For anyone who is unable to attend but would like to talk to their state representatives you can contact them at 1.800.842.1423 or send an email to

Orange Legislators to have Office Hours with Constituents

Posted on January 9, 2019 by jdooley

ORANGE- State Reps. Themis Klarides, Charles Ferraro and State Rep-Elect Kathy Kennedy will be holding a two legislative office hours in Orange for constituents in the month of January.

  • Coffee Hour:

Monday, January 7th, 8-9am at Bruegger’s Bagels, 263-275 Boston Post Rd.

  • Office Hour:

Monday, January 14th, 6:30-7:30pm at Case Memorial Library Meeting Room on 176 Tyler City Rd.

The legislators want to hear from their constituents and encourage them to talk about any issues, questions or concerns related to state government. The deadline for individual legislators to propose bills is January 18th; residents are encouraged to bring their ideas forward for possible consideration.

The 2019 Legislative Session begins on January 9th.

For anyone who is unable to attend but would like to talk to their state representatives you can contact them at 1.800.842.1423 or send an email to,




Orange Lawmakers Raise Money for Salvation Army

Posted on January 9, 2019 by jdooley

ORANGE –  State Reps. Themis Klarides (R-114),  Charles Ferraro (R-117), and State Rep-Elect Kathy Kennedy (R-119) joined the Salvation Army on Friday, December 6th to help raise money outside the Orange Walgreens for the annual Red Kettle Campaign. 




Rep. Kathy Kennedy Op-ed: New Year, New Hope

Posted on January 9, 2019 by jdooley

I hope you had a safe and a Happy Holiday Season and are prepared to take on the New Year. I, for one, am excited to get to work in my new role as State Representative of the 119th legislative district. It is an opportunity that I am deeply humbled and honored to have.

I will be sworn into office on January 9th in what will be the opening day of the legislative session. With the campaigns behind us all, it’s now time for the real work to begin.

I have been appointed to the Public Health, Environment and Education committees for my first term in the legislature. There is plenty of work to be done in each of these influential committees and I hope to use my position to best represent the interests of the people of Milford and Orange as well as the State of Connecticut.

However, for our state to recover we must tighten our belts and bring common sense back to government. Right now, budget numbers are showing that the state will face a $1.7 billion budget deficit starting July 1st, and the number increases to $2.3 billion by the 2020-21 fiscal year. Fixing our budget problems should be our top priority. We need to make tough decisions and getting Connecticut out of the red starts with reforming state government, cutting unnecessary spending and borrowing, and creating policies that attract and keep job creators here in Connecticut.

It is a tall task and one I cannot complete on my own. I will need your help and input.

Once the legislative session begins, I plan on have office hours in both Orange and Milford and will keep you up-to-date on the dates. Please join me and we can discuss the important issues of the state and any concerns on your mind.

I am looking into having informational forums on a regular basis on topics of mutual concern in Milford and Orange. Please send my office suggestions on topics that you would like me to look into for our forums.

My new legislative website and Facebook page are up and running. Please visit for news and commentary on the latest happenings in the 119th Assembly District and at the State Capitol and like my Facebook page. I encourage you to sign up for my e-newsletter so you can get updates and alerts emailed directly to your inbox. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please feel free to contact me by phone 1- (800) 842-1423 or email

Kathy Kennedy Selected to Serve on Key State Committees

Posted on January 9, 2019 by jdooley

MILFORD- State Representative-Elect Kathy Kennedy (R-119) has received her appointments from House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-114), as to which legislative committees she will serve on during her first term in the General Assembly.

Kennedy, who will represent Milford and Orange will be sworn in on January 9th when the new legislative session gavels in.

“Committee work is the engine of our legislative process—it’s when citizens can have their say on issues important to them, and it’s when legislators like Rep. Kennedy make the most difference for the people they serve as bill concepts take shape and are eventually debated,” House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said. “I’m confident that Kathy will contribute greatly to conversation here in Hartford during the upcoming legislative session.”

Kennedy has been appointed to three committees this session, the Public Health, Education and Environment committees. Each committee has a significant meaning to Kennedy.

“As past President of the Connecticut PTA, I am keenly aware of the needs of our students, their parents and our wonderful educators who need our support and I will work at the State Capitol to better enhance our state and local education systems for all the stakeholders,” said Rep.-Elect Kennedy.

The legislature’s Education Committee handles issues related to the Department of Education, local and regional boards of education and the law of collective bargaining covering teachers and professional employees of those boards as well as the commission on arts, libraries, museums and historical and cultural associations

Kennedy said, “I am really excited about this committee. Public health serves everyone, providing services that protect and promote health and well-being for all. In the past, I have volunteered in the community to raise awareness about the importance of mental health services. Additionally, I am interested in finding ways to combat addiction, especially the current opioid epidemic in our state and across the country, including making sure our emergency first responders have the educational resources they need.”

The Public Health Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Public Health; the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Department of Developmental Services; the Office of Health Care Access; and all other matters relating to health, including emergency medical services, all licensing boards within the Department of Public Health, nursing homes, pure food and drugs, and controlled substances, including the treatment of substance abuse.

Kennedy represents part of the Milford coast, specifically the Gulf, Bayview and Pond Point beach areas and will work at the legislature to keep and preserve our beautiful Milford treasures on Long Island Sound.

The Environment Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Environmental Protection, including conservation, recreation, pollution control, fisheries and game, state parks and forests, water resources, and all matters relating to the Department of Agriculture, including farming, dairy products and domestic animals.