Statement from State Rep. Greg Howard, Ranking House Republican on the Public Safety & Security Committee on the 2021 Report of CT Crimes Statistics

Posted on September 26, 2022

“They can continue to act like the 2020 Police Accountability bill doesn’t haunt the morale of officers, but I talk to officers every day and it continues to weigh heavy on their minds. The legislative democrats fostered a complete distrust of law enforcement across Connecticut and specifically in urban and high crime areas. It should come as no surprise that victims are fearful to report crime, especially crimes as sensitive as rapes.

In addition, the Commissioner failed to note that the significant decrease in crimes cleared that we saw in 2020 during the Democrats’ anti-police campaign is still present and trending downward. These victims’ matter, and their closure is dependent on clearance.

The governor spoke of how diversionary programs are helping criminals avoid jail and get their life on track; and that’s great news. But, what about the victims? What about the victims having closure and “clearance” of crimes perpetrated against them? When will the Governor and Democrats listen to the police and find real solutions that allow them to get the job done?

A lot of crime is discovered, thwarted, or solved by pro-active police work; something, according to the data, that has significantly declined in Connecticut. As we heard in the press conference, everyday drivers in Connecticut are seeing the continued increase in speed and motor vehicle violations on our roads as our law enforcement officers continue to feel disenfranchised and are less visible.”