State Rep. Greg Howard: Housing finance – Campbell Grain Property – is important to region & to both parties

Posted on July 14, 2021

It was with great disappointment that I read an article in The Day on July 4, 2021 regarding affordable housing finance rules. I have supported the redevelopment of the Campbell Grain Property and the positive impact that it could have on the local economy and the revitalization of downtown Pawcatuck. For years, CT saw a steady flow of residents fleeing for other states; and today, employers are begging for workers. With General Dynamics predicting significant hiring over the coming years, and a steady decline in trades people, incentivizing working families to move to our area should contribute to our work force development.

So, to hear that after years of planning, CHFA was moving the goal post was frustrating to read. Equally disappointing was that I had to read it in The Day. Since my election, I have answered every call from colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and specifically in the Southeastern delegation. I have been equally responsive to local officials with letters of support or co-sponsoring bills that local officials feel will help them better serve the town. I have also answered calls and addressed many issues for local businesses.

Yet, despite my support of the redevelopment neither Winn, the developer, nor Stonington officials contacted me to make me aware of the issue so that I could address it. Likewise, despite my proven willingness to take calls and work across the aisle to address issues and avoid divisive politics, a letter was signed by Democratic colleagues in the region, without alerting me to the issue in my district brought to their attention, and a press release drafted.

As of learning of the issue, I will now be joining the conversation in addressing an issue that directly affects the 43rd District. My work ethic and commitment to my district is unwavering, and I will not allow partisan political games to distract me from advocating to make CT a better place for everyone.

Greg Howard
State Representative 43rd District