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Rep. Hill: 2019 Survey Results

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon

Thank you to everyone who participated in my survey, we had over 350 responses and your input is integral to my ability to accurately representing our community. You can view the results by clicking here or visiting my website. Below, I have provided a short summary based on the survey results.

  • The first question focused on fiscal responsibility in Hartford. 78% of you either strongly agreed or agreed with the idea that the state should provide each municipality an accurate dollar amount in terms of state-funded aid by April 1st. This policy, if passed, will allow each city and town to craft a local budget with confidence.
  • The opioid epidemic continues to plague our community. 71% of those who took the survey strongly agreed or agreed that the state should increase penalties to drug dealers convicted of dealing fentanyl. Education and resources are not enough to stop dangerous drugs from being abused, with the passage of this policy there would be an added layer of public safety.  This targets the source of the issue and does not seek to punish those fighting addiction.
  • In terms of public safety, 73% indicated that they strongly agreed or agreed to raise the legal age to purchase vaping products to 21. Currently, it is very difficult for teachers and administrators to detect the use of vaporizers in our schools. This policy would make it harder for vaping to occur and deter minors from engaging in using vaping products.
  • Paid family medical leave is one of the hottest topics of discussion at the Capitol. 53% strongly agreed or agreed that there should be a tax credit available to businesses that choose to provide this resource to its employees. However, if the state were to mandate this program, subverting the tax credit incentive, there would be many unintended consequences that could force business owners to move out of our state and would also create a new payroll tax.
  • 55% of those who participated in the survey strongly disagreed or disagreed with the idea of forcing schools to regionalize their districts based on town population. Cost savings can be achieved through regionalizing schools, like Canton has already done with its food services and other administrative responsibilities. However, forcing every district to merge with one another without allowing the local boards of education to make those decisions on their own could have severe consequences. Forced regionalization could lead to lower academic achievement and jeopardize the ability of some students to participate in after school activities because of extended commutes.
  • Tolling is also a major topic of discussion among many communities in Connecticut. There have been proposals to implement electronic tolling through as many as 82 gantries. More recently, the proposal looks to be around 52 gantries. Regardless, 42% strongly disagreed or disagreed with toll implementation. It’s important to note that 60-70% of toll revenue will come directly from Connecticut residents.
  • 75% of you agree on setting term limits on all state elected officials. It’s imperative that there is a constant flow of new and different ideas in Hartford. Unique perspectives on policy protect the institution of democracy.

If you have further questions about any of these questions, or have a comment related to our state government, please do not hesitate to contact me.