Many Taxpayers Would Disagree

Posted on October 9, 2019 by jpheasant


In a recent article published by the ct mirror, Governor Lamont addressed members of the AFL-CIO during their biennial convention, highlighting paid family and medical leave and increasing the state’s minimum wage as two of his legislative ‘accomplishments’ in his first nine months as governor. In true Governor Lamont fashion, he completely minimizes the real impact that these two items will have on many of our small businesses and even goes as far as to say in the article that “if you can’t compete, get off the field and stop blaming people who do the work every day.”

What message does this statement say about doing business in Connecticut? Small businesses are not only the backbone of our state but our entire country. After years of watching both large and small businesses flee for more tax friendly states, you’d think the legislature would take the hint and look at instituting policies that facilitate growth and encourage prospective startups to plant their roots here, while eliminating those policies that continue to make it more difficult.

Our governor seems to think that because he came from the business sector he knows the inner workings of every small business throughout our extremely diverse state and what policies do and do not work best for them.

When will we start listening to them?


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