Rep. Hayes Proposes Legislation to Expand the State’s Current Hunting Laws

Posted on February 6, 2019 by jpheasant


HARTFORDState Representative Rick Hayes (R-51) has introduced two separate pieces of legislation to amend the state’s statutes to extend the current season and expand the type hunting allowed on Sunday’s.

“Hunting is extremely important to not only the people of my district by also many of those who live in the Northeastern portion of the state,” Rep. Hayes said. “By extended the Sunday hunting requirements to allow shotguns and rifles, it will then allow others who are currently being excluded from those private lands to also participate.”

Hayes’ first proposal, HB-5309, would seek to lengthen the state’s bow, rifle, and shotgun seasons to allow an extra week for hunters to participate in these activities.

The second proposal, HB-5310, would look to expand Sunday hunting on public and private lands from only bow and arrow to also include shotgun and rifle.

In 2015, Public Act 15-204 was adopted to allow Sunday bow and arrow hunting on certain private property, provided such hunting occurred within deer management zones and was done in accordance with other wildlife management principles.

Both HB-5309 and HB-5310 have been referred to the Environment Committee for further action.