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COVID-19 Resources for Employers and Workers

Posted on March 18, 2020 by hbrooks


As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to make headlines, a great deal of uncertainty has been injected into the lives of business owners and workers, many of whom have been left, indefinitely, without pay or health benefits.

Still, there are many options and resources available to business owners and workers as they navigate these tumultuous economic conditions, and to that end I have dedicated this page to be constantly updated with the newest information for these parties as it

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COVID-19 Resources for Individuals and Families

Posted on March 13, 2020 by hbrooks


The outbreak of COVID-19 is weighing heavily on our minds of late as the number of confirmed cases in Connecticut has grown with more readily-available testing capabilities and public health officials warning of the potential for widespread community transmission.

In response, the governor, in concurrence with legislative leadership, has declared civil preparedness and public health emergencies that enable the government to take specific, swift actions deemed necessary to protect the health and safety

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Eversource Helicopter Inspections

Posted on February 14, 2020 by hbrooks


Eversource is currently conducting aerial inspections of high-voltage electrical equipment on rights of way throughout Connecticut, including in Brookfield, Bethel, and Danbury.

This semiannual inspection enables Eversource to continue providing reliable electric service to our area. The work involves the use of a helicopter equipped with heat-sensing, infrared scanning technology which can detect potential equipment issues before they occur.

The aerial inspections start today and continue through

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