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Rep. Harding Participates in Nonprofit Legislative Forum in Danbury

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DANBURY – Elected officials and non-profit leaders from all over Fairfield County met at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury on Friday to work on closing the opportunity gap in Southwestern Connecticut. State Representative Stephen Harding (R-107) participated in the forum’s table discussions.


Rep. Harding Sworn In to Third Term

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Receives Legislative Committee Assignments

HARTFORD — State Representative Stephen Harding (R-107) joined legislative colleagues today, on Opening Day of the 2019 Legislative Session, and was sworn in to his third term at the State Capitol. He will serve for two more years as the House Representative for the 107th General Assembly District of Brookfield, Bethel and Danbury.

“I am very excited to be returning to Hartford for my fifth Legislative Session,” said Rep. Harding. “As a Connecticut resident, former student, and now new parent, I truly consider the well-being of all my constituents in every decision I make. I understand the challenges of working, living, studying, and raising a family here. I am eager to get back to work, making our state a more prosperous place that will attract business, support our healthcare needs and maintain a sustainable environment.”

Rep. Harding with his wife, Kelly, and son, Carter, during the Opening Day Ceremony in the House Chamber.

To follow Rep. Harding’s proposed and supported legislation, visit his website ( and click on the “Legislation” tab, or sign up for her email updates. To follow committee meetings and House debates as they unfold live on Connecticut’s public affairs television network, CT-N, tune your TV to Channel 193  in Brookfield and Channel 20 in Bethel and Danbury; or stream the proceedings online at

This “long” session allows for bills on a variety of issues to be introduced, debated and voted on in committees and legislative chambers. Most importantly, the General Assembly will be facing significant budget challenges during the 2019 Legislative Session. House and Senate Republican budget priorities for the 2019 session continue to include implementing long-term structural changes to restore sustainability and predictability to the budget, and the “Prioritize Progress” transportation plan to fund and protect transportation dollars without tolls or tax increases.

Rep. Harding has also received his legislative committee assignments for this term. He will continue to serve as Ranking Member of the Environment Committee, which oversees all matters relating to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – including conservation, pollution control, fisheries and game, state parks and forests, water resources and flood and erosion control – as well all matters relating to the Department of Agriculture, such as farming, dairy products and domestic animals.

He will also serve as a member of the Government Administration & Elections (GAE) and Judiciary Committees. The GAE Committee has cognizance on all matters relating state government organization, structures and procedures, leasing, construction, maintenance, purchase and sale of state property and facilities, state and federal relations, interstate compacts, compacts between the state and Indian tribes, constitutional amendments, and all matters relating to elections and election laws. As Ranking Member of this Committee, Rep. France will lead his caucus members on these issues.

The Judiciary Committee holds jurisdiction over all matters relating to courts, judicial procedures, criminal law, probate courts, probation, parole, wills, estates, adoption, divorce, bankruptcy, escheat, deeds, mortgages, conveyancing, preservation of land records and other public documents, the law of business organizations, authorizations to sue and to appeal, claims against the state, and all judicial nominations, among others.

Rep. Harding can be reached at or 800-842-1423. Constituents can also reach him on Facebook at

The 2019 Regular Legislative Session will adjourn at midnight on June 5th.

Rep. Stephen Harding Invites Constituents for Coffee

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HARTFORD – State Rep. Steve Harding (R-107) is hosting a coffee hour on January 17th at the Brookfield Panera Bread. All interested constituents are invited to join him to discuss, one-on-one, the issues that are expected to shape the 2019 legislative session, the state budget process, and ideas for new legislation.

WHEN: Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Panera Bread, 143 Federal Road, Brookfield

This event is open to the public and the coffee will be self-service. If you have any questions, or are unable to attend but would still like to connect with Rep. Harding, please call his office at 1-800-842-1423 or email him at