Show Your Support for an Alternative to Tolls!

Posted on April 26, 2019 by admin


Now is the time to have your say and support an alternative to tolls. Though the Legislature has been considering proposals to bring tolls back to Connecticut highways for the past three months, it is not the only solution to fund improvements to Connecticut’s roads and bridges.

Prioritize Progress is the alternative that works within current state resources and:

  • Doesn’t require highway tolls
  • Uses bonding responsibly for core government investments, respecting the $2 billion bonding cap
  • Doesn’t include tax increases
  • Guarantees a steady, predictable flow of money ($65 billion over 30 years) for transportation infrastructure
  • Can begin immediately once approved

It also provides ample funding for core state initiatives and grant programs including:

  • School construction and security
  • Crumbling foundations
  • Capital improvements to state-owned buildings
  • Clean water funding
  • Bioscience innovation
  • Urban Act grants
  • Small Town Economic Assistance grants
  • Local Capital Improvement Program
  • Gubernatorial Contingency grants

You  can submit written testimony (in PDF format) on Senate Bill 1121 via email to the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee at Use “Say ‘YES’ to SB 1121 and Prioritize Progress” in the subject line, and please copy me, Tell committee leadership that the combination of middle class tax hikes and tolls is simply unaffordable!