Rep. Harding, and Area Legislators Say Tolls will Hurt Greater Danbury Economy

Posted on April 5, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD – State Representative Stephen Harding and area lawmakers hosted a Tolls Informational Forum on Monday in Danbury to talk to residents about the negative impacts tolls will have on Connecticut and an alternative transportation funding plan that doesn’t require tolls.

Rep. Harding said, “Tolls will have a damaging impact on the economy in Connecticut and especially in the greater Danbury region. We need to stop asking residents and businesses to pay more and start prioritizing where we are spending money.”

Three toll bills were passed in the Transportation Committee in March. The three bills, Senate Bill 423, House Bill 7202 and 7280, all include tolling cars and trucks and tolls on I-95, I-91, I-84, and portions of Rt. 15. S.B. 423 and H.B. 7202 takes legislative oversight out of tolls and directs the Department of Transportation to oversee tolls – meaning DOT will be able to raise rates without legislative approval.

“The governor is trying to raise $1 billion in revenue from tolls and to achieve this he wants to place approximately 50 tolls throughout the state, many along I-84” added Harding. “The toll revenue will come from at least 60 percent of Connecticut residents, which is a major tax increase on working families in this local region and across the entire State.”

During the informational toll forum the lawmakers presented the Republican Prioritize Progress Plan which works within current state resources, within the new bonding cap, and will provide $65 billion for transportation infrastructure projects over the next 30 years.

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