Brookfield, Bethel, Danbury

Rep. Harding Prioritizing Storm Recovery

Posted on February 4, 2019 by admin


Proposes New Legislation to the General Assembly

HARTFORD — State Representative Stephen Harding (R-107) wants to ensure that all those in our local community are able to recover from the devastating storm that hit last May. He has proposed three new bills to legislative leaders that would protect homeowners in Brookfield, Bethel and Danbury who suffer property damage as a result of weather.

The first, House Bill (H.B.) 6595, would require mortgage companies to release to homeowners at least a portion of any funds they have received from an insurance company in connection with a claim for property damaged, provided that the homeowner has hired a contractor to repair the damage. Far too many residents have not been able to even start work on their property due to their mortgage company’s restrictions on the release of any portion of funds. This bill was referred to the Banking Committee. Read More

Legislature’s Bioscience Caucus, Industry Partners Announce Strategic Plan

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HARTFORD – Yesterday January 30th, the co-Chairs of the Legislature’s Bioscience Caucus met with their main industry counterpart, BioCT, to discuss the strategic plan developed since the last legislative session, and announce specific goals for the coming session. Alongside co-Chairs State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28), State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12), State Rep. Stephen Harding (R-107), and Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (D-136) was BioCT President & CEO Dawn Hocevar and Dr. Mark Adams, Director of Microbial Genomic Services at Jackson Labs.

The Bioscience caucus is a group of legislators committed to working with industry partners to create smart policies that encourage growth in one of Connecticut’s strongest business sectors. With some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, insurance and genomics companies, and several prestigious Colleges and Universities, Connecticut is poised to be a leader in one of the most forward-thinking industries. The Bioscience Caucus is dedicated to ensuring Connecticut takes hold of that opportunity to foster continued innovation and economic growth in the state.

The Strategic plan includes five key areas that would make Connecticut the ideal partner for new businesses in the bioscience sector. These include (1) Marketing and Branding, (2) Business Development & Recruitment, (3) Attracting Investment Capital, (4) Infrastructure Improvements, and (5) Workforce Development. Details for each of these key areas can be found in the attached Executive Summary of the CT Bioscience Strategic Plan.

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Rep. Harding Participates in Nonprofit Legislative Forum in Danbury

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DANBURY – Elected officials and non-profit leaders from all over Fairfield County met at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury on Friday to work on closing the opportunity gap in Southwestern Connecticut. State Representative Stephen Harding (R-107) participated in the forum’s table discussions.

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