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Tuesday in Enfield: Republicans hosting ‘Rally for an Affordable Connecticut’

Posted on June 17, 2022


ENFIELD – Citing the rising cost of living due to inflation and high gas prices, local Republicans are hosting a “Rally for an Affordable Connecticut” Tuesday (June 21) from 4:30-5:30 pm at the corner of North Main St. and Enfield St.

“This will be a fun, positive rally and everyone is welcome to join us,” said Sen. John A. Kissel.  “We will be waving to motorists and holding up pro-tax relief signs, encouraging passers-by to honk in support of lower taxes and sign our petition.”

“With the influx of federal dollars coming into our state combined with inflation related revenues Connecticut has collected, providing our residents with anything less than long-term tax relief is unacceptable,” Rep. Carol Hall said. “For the past few months, we’ve heard the governor tout his so-called historic tax cuts, but in reality, his budget increased spending by almost $600 million which will leave a cavernous hole in the next budget cycle as a result of the federal dollars being used to supplement this budget. He’s playing election year politics as many of his tax cuts will be gone not long after November.”

Republican lawmakers have been rallying with residents across Connecticut calling for a special session of the state legislature to pass immediate tax relief, including:

  • an income tax cut for low- and moderate-income individuals and families
  • additional energy assistance for families in need
  • suspension of the diesel tax
  • a cut to the sales tax and suspension of the 1% meals tax on prepared foods
  • repeal of the truck tax

Read the full plan at: