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Rep. Hall Urges Bonding Commission Approve Grants for Two Capital Projects in East Windsor

Posted on July 19, 2021


HARTFORD – State Representative Carol Hall (R-59) is urging the Bonding Commission to approve two municipal grants-in-aid for the Town of East Windsor during their next virtual meeting scheduled for Friday.

The grants will be used for the removal of the existing outlet structure and replacing it with a new outlet and intake structure in East Windsor Park and a culvert replacement at Chestnut Brook.

Under these grants, East Windsor is expected to receive $1.31 million to be used toward the completion of these two projects.

“With the many projects that are requested throughout the State of Connecticut, I am extremely happy to see the prioritization of these items for East Windsor by the Bonding Commission,” Rep. Hall said. “The commission understands the importance of these repairs to the town and residents of East Windsor and I appreciate their efforts in moving this forward as quickly as they have.”

Municipal Grant-In-Aid Grants are designed for towns that do not qualify for either of the Urban Act Grants Program or the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) to assist with community revitalization. These grants must be used for construction, reconstruction, improvement or maintenance of highways, bridges or structures, and other capital related projects.

The Bonding Commission is scheduled to vote on the grants-in-aid for East Windsor on Friday, July 23 along with several other funding items for towns and cities across the state.