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Rep. Green Talks to Students About Her Job in the Legislature

Posted on January 30, 2018 by jpheasant


MARLBOROUGH – State Representative Robin Green (R-55) met with 3rd graders from Elmer Thienes-Mary Hall Elementary School to discuss her day-to-day job responsibilities and what it’s like being a first-time state representative.

Rep. Green spoke about how the election process works, the various committees she serves on as a state representative along with what each is responsible for, how a bill becomes law, and the differences between a shortened session and a long session.

In addition, Representative Green also posed a topic she has had recent discussions on to students about whether or not they think the use of a shared table program would be a good idea in their school, and if so, how they would go about implementing it at EMS.

The shared food concept consists of students placing extra or unused prepackaged items onto a separate table in the lunchroom to share with students who may have forgotten their lunch or just simply didn’t have one.

Children gave a wide variety of suggestions like further labeling those items to ensure that students who have various allergies are aware of the ingredients found in those foods to creating a separate table for items that many children have allergic reactions to.

“It was such a pleasure to have been asked to come to Marlborough Elementary School and talk with the wonderful kids about my job in Hartford,” Rep. Green said. “Both of my children were students at EMS, so I am fully aware of just how wonderful this school is. The faculty and staff here are completely dedicated to ensuring our children receive the best education possible.”

Rep. Green asks 3rd grade students about how they would institute a new piece of legislation if they were a state representative.