LTTE: Tolls Are Not The Only Answer

Posted on March 29, 2019 by jpheasant


Last week, majority members of the Transportation Committee voted (party lines) to move three toll related bills out of the committee, seemingly ignoring the overwhelming amount of residents who strongly oppose them.

For several months we have heard that tolls are the only solution to fixing the state’s horrible roads, bridges, and other infrastructure issues.

Yet Senate Bill 407, An Act Concerning the New Britain to Hartford Busway, that would have provided increased transparency regarding the utilization, revenue and costs of the New Britain to Hartford busway failed to pass through the committee. This bill would have required legislative approval before any further expansion could occur along with requiring the submission of biannual reports.

Taxpayers are currently subsidizing the 8-mile stretch of road this busway uses at a tune of $22 million dollars a year. While finding more efficiencies or eliminating this subsidization alone won’t solve all of our transportation related needs, it certainly gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

Instead of forcing the toll conversation to start and end with residents paying hundreds of dollars to drive to and from work, we should be doing all we can to search for inefficiencies that result in saving our taxpayers more of their hard earned money.