Children’s Committee Bill Receives Unanimous House Support

Posted on April 25, 2019 by jpheasant


HARTFORD – State Representative Robin Green (R-55), Ranking Member of the Children’s Committee and co-sponsor of a bill to protect the rights of children in foster care receives unanimous support in the House of Representatives.

HB-6403, An Act Concerning a Children in Care Bill of Rights and Expectations and the Sibling Bill of Rights, would create a Children in Care Bill of Rights and Expectations for foster children and to require caseworkers to annually provide the Sibling Bill of Rights to foster children.

“As Ranking Member of the Children’s Committee, I am pleased to have worked alongside the committee’s leadership on the passage of the Children’s Bill of Rights,” Rep. Green said. “This bill is an important step in ensuring the rights of children who currently reside in our foster care system are protected.”

The bill also contains a provision that applies to guardians requiring them to provide a safe, caring, and structured environment. It will now move on to the Senate for their vote.

Rep. Green said “For this bill to have received unanimous bipartisan support is a testament to just how important this piece of legislation is.”