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Capitol Update (2/24 – 2/28)

Posted on March 2, 2020


Meeting with Seniors
Over the past two weeks, I’ve met with seniors at Colebrook Village in Hebron and the Marlborough Senior Center to provide an update on the major bill proposals being brought to the various committees for a vote/public hearing and to discuss the issues most important to them. I have scheduled additional meetings with seniors from other towns throughout the 55th District over the next few weeks.

Colebrook Village

Marlborough Senior Center

Municipal Aid Bonding $$
On February 21st, Governor Lamont announced the town aid our municipalities had been waiting months for, will finally be released. Previously, Gov. Lamont had been withholding these funds until the legislature took a vote on his ‘trucks only’ tolling plan, but with that plan on hold for the moment, the aid they’ve been waiting on will soon be delivered.

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Removal of the Religious Exemption (Vaccination Bill)
Last Monday, the Public Health Committee voted to move forward with a bill that would remove the religious exemptions for school-aged children who aren’t currently vaccinated. During the committee meeting, three amendments were introduced, changing the original bill’s language to include

grandfathering in the approximately 7,800 students who are currently enrolled in Connecticut schools, along with allowing a provision for children who have, or have a family history of autoimmune disorders to use the medical exemption.

The bill passed by a 14-11 vote. Nine Republicans and two Democrats opposed the bill.

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