Rep. Frey, Finance Committee Vote to Raise Tobacco-use Age to 21

Posted on May 1, 2019 by admin


State Rep. John Frey (R-111) yesterday joined his colleagues in the Finance Committee and voted to move forward legislation that will raise the legal age for Connecticut residents to smoke or use vaping or tobacco products from eighteen to twenty-one.

HB 7200 – An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Cigarettes, Tobacco Products, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vapor Products to Persons Under Age Twenty-one – raises the legal age to purchase cigarettes, other tobacco products, and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21. The bill also prohibits dealers and distributors from selling flavored products, increases certain penalties for cigarette, tobacco and e-cigarette sales and purchases involving individuals under the legal age, and bans smoking and e-cigarettes on the grounds of child care centers and schools.

“The science has been clear for decades yet we’re still seeing a large number of teens and young adults engaging in dangerous and unhealthy behaviors like smoking and vaping,” Rep. Frey said. “This measure will reduce teen tobacco use and hopefully help those individuals who might be tempted to start smoking to make better, healthier choices.”

The measure has broad bipartisan support and it’s expected the measure will pass the full legislature if called for a vote in the House and Senate.

“I’m proud we were able to work together to find reasonable, common-sense ways to address the important issue of teen smoking and vaping,” Rep. Frey said. “I’m hopeful this legislation will be passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Lamont.”

The 2019 legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 5.