Rep. Frey Arranges for Trooper 1 to Land at Boy & Girls Club of Ridgefield

Posted on August 24, 2018 by admin


HARTFORD – State Representative John Frey (R-111) arranged to have Trooper 1, the Connecticut State Police’s helicopter, land at the Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield on Friday, August 17th, 2018.

“The aviation unit of the Connecticut State police generously volunteered their time to make this day extra special for the members of the Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield,” Rep. Frey said. “Everyone had a great time and I’m glad we were able to make this happen. I’d like to thank the State Police, especially pilot Adam McCumber, as well as Boys and Girls Club director Mike Flynn. The club does great things for the children in our community, and that was evident today.”

The Aviation Unit of the Connecticut State Police provides aerial support for law enforcement including surveillance, highway patrol and criminal investigations. “Trooper 1” is a Bell 407 helicopter, N1903A and is currently the only helicopter actively used by the Aviation Unit. It can carry up to four occupants, and can also serve medical, firefighting and search and rescue purposes, if needed. The helicopter was purchased in 2001 and accumulates roughly 500 flight hours per year.

The Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield provides learning and extracurricular activities for students after school and during vacations. Their five core areas include the arts, character & leadership, education, health & life skills, and sports, fitness & recreation.