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Rep. Frey Introduces Bills to Revamp Certain DMV Processes

Posted on April 23, 2019 by admin


Measures would reduce wait times, increase efficiency

Concerns shared by dozens of residents in Ridgefield, and from across the state, led State Rep. John Frey (R-111) to introduce several bills to prioritize operations, reduce backlog and help Connecticut’s residents navigate the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Proposed bill 5930 – An Act Concerning the Duration of a Motor Vehicle Operator’s License and Motor Vehicle Registration – will authorize the DMV Commissioner to issue an operator’s license

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Rep. Frey Introduces Bills to Eliminate State Pensions for Elected Officials, Using Mileage in Pension Calculations

Posted on March 12, 2019 by admin


Measures will save millions for Connecticut taxpayers

As he has done for several years previously, State Rep. John Frey (R-111) once again proposed legislation to reduce Connecticut’s massive pension obligations by prohibiting elected state officials from receiving a state pension, and to exclude mileage reimbursement from pension calculations.

“These are simple concepts that will save Connecticut taxpayers millions of dollars over time, unfortunately I have to introduce these bills every year,”

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Rep. Frey Testifies in Support of Breast Milk Banks

Posted on March 1, 2019 by admin


Rep. John Frey and Di Masters testify before the Human Services Committee in support of HB7165 – An Act Concerning Medicaid Coverage for Breast Milk – that would provide Medicaid reimbursement for pasteurized donor breast milk provided a licensed health care professional signs a medical order that the donor breast milk is medically necessary for an infant, the donor breast milk is provided on an inpatient basis at a hospital, and the infant who receives the donor breast milk is medically or physically

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